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In a TEN of pain
Going on my 24th hour of a 10/10 you all have probably experienced, I'm pretty dysphoric, on the brink of insanity, and trying really hard to distract myself from the pain.

It's in migraines like these that I know why people would drill holes in their skulls for medical treatment. When I think of it, it's actually quite funny how before migraines you'd see pictures depicting such archaic medical practices and think...Who would come up with drilling a hole in someone's head as a form of relief? Let alone, who would be crazy enough to volunteer?

Since I've had migraines, I completely understand the logic behind the practice; your head feels like it's going to explode from the immense pressure that it makes sense to think of drilling a hole to release the pressure.

It certainly doesn't sound crazy to me right now.

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<Nancy Harris Bonk>
Oh Laura-CM

You came in here for support and got NOTHING! For that I am deeply sorry for missing your post.

How are you feeling now? I hope the cycle of pain has been broken and you are feeling better.

Let me know, OK?
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Group Hug I'm so sorry I missed your post, too. I hope you're doing much, much better now. Group Hug

As for volunteering for trepanning, there have been times I've been tempted. I can picture it feeling like a big release valve being turned and letting out all the ick in one whoosh. That can be pretty tempting imagery when things have drug on too long.

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We all so understand. Only a migraineur understands why there are moments when self decapitation actually sounds like a logical solution.

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Laura, hang in there. We've all been there. Don't forget to read everything on migraines. Get as much info as you can it helps. I hate that I miss your post also.

Sometimes you do feel like you are losing you mind. I hope you will keep posting someone will get it.

Here are some hugs Group Hug Group Hug if you have another migraine.

Hang in there.

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