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Long time not hear....
Picture of Dutchess
How is everyone. Haven't talked in a while to anyone. I still read Terri's post every now and then. I'm still in school and fighting migraine pain. So have been doseies. Eeker

Still having problems with right side pain in other parts of my body. So far it's not my liver or gallbadder. Doctor doesn't know so they are talking about surgry. They clinc has a state funded program that pays for the cost.

It will take a while to get on the program, but on pain meds until then. Frowner

Not happy about it but I can't just hurt and don't want to keep taking tylnol all day. I need the sleep at night since one of the migraine triggers is lack of sleep.

Also I have 2 more new grandbabies. Both are boys. One of the boys weight was 10 lbs. Hair Raising

Poor ma ma...

Well guess I'd better get back to class. I am at the end of this semester by next week. I have to design 2 houses. Ugh. Blinking

Christmas is soon and I have no house. Well my neighbors tree fell on my electric wires to the back of my house. The city says it will have to be inspected before the work is done and the power on.

Other family is helping me.

Hope to hear from everyone soon.


Dutchess Group Hug and LoveYou
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<Nancy Harris Bonk>
Good to hear from you Dutchess. I was thinking about you the other day.

Congrats on the new grandchildren! That 10 pounder is going to be a big boy Eeker

Wish I could do something for your pain and all the other life issues you are going through. I will send along my thoughts and prayers for you and yours.

Happy Holidays
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Hi Dutchess!

Glad to see you- missed you around here! Yes

I really hope those neighbors of yours are being extra nice. They owe you big time!!

Congrats on your grandchildren! May they bring you much enjoyment! Smiler

Sorry to hear that many of the Migraines have been doozies. I'm right there with you- The pass out on the couch/bed variety are certainly no fun. Hope you get relief ASAP!

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