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Generic Imitrex vs. Zomig
I recently switched from Zomig (5 mg) to the generic form of Imitrex (I will call GI) which is Sumatriptan 100 mg. What I have noticed is that GI works so much faster within a half hour, but it does not last as long - only about 4-5 hours - so far. I am wondering if this is what other people have experienced also?

I made the switch because of my insurance- the Zomig is so much more expensive now. I was thinking of trying Relpax (which I have tried in the past) to see if it might be a better alternative. The price is in between the other two but I'm wondering if it might last longer like the Zomig?

I've been taking vitamins including magnesium, calcium and Vit D and have been having at least 2 weeks out of the month headache-free lately which is good for me - I am hoping the vitamins are making a difference there. But I still get the hormonal migraines every month and being peri-menopause I don't always know when they are coming, but when they start I seem to get them every day for at least 1-2 weeks. I alternate between a triptan and Indocin but this month Indocin doesn't seem to be working as good and now the GI isn't lasting very long so I need to explore other options.

Any advice?

Thank you as always,

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Not only do the triptans each work a little differently from each other, they also work differently from person to person. The only way you're going to be able to tell if Relpax is a decent option is to try it and see. You might ask your doctor to write you a trial prescription for just a couple of them to try the Relpax, so you wouldn't be out so much money, and then if turns out it's a good option compared to the Zomig, then you can ask for a new scrip for a greater quantity. For what it's worth, Frova seems to have a very long half-life, if that's what you're looking at. The numbers I'm seeing for Imitrex, Zomig, and Relpax are 2.5 hours, 3 hours, and 4-5 hours, respectively. The half-life for Frova is listed at a whopping 25 hours on the chart I was just looking at. It does say that Frova seems to take longer to kick in, though. I just did a general search-engine search for half-life and triptans.

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