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When triptans are not working
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do you keep taking them? Have you ever had two triptans to alternate? My MD keeps encouraging the triptan use but the side effects of the vasoconstriction I feel sometimes make the pain worse, or at least an additional discomfort. I would be hapy to keep taking them if I got relief from them.

I know we are out of new triptans to try and I do alternate the triptan with midrin for multiple migraine weeks. Never more than two triptans a week. Anyhoo, just throwing this out there.


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Triptans work for about 80% of Migraineurs, not for all of us. If they didn't work for me, no, I wouldn't keep taking them.

I'm not sure what you mean by alternating. There needs to be a full 24 hours between taking one triptan and taking a different one, and you'd still be limited to two or three days a week using triptans, even if it were two different ones.

Have you tried DHE-45 or Migranal?

Just so you know, Midrin is definitely discontinued, permanently. Generic is available though.

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There are other abortives you can try, but if you feel your abortive is doing something but you still have the headache, you might try a rescue medication. Fiorinal, Fioricet, and Codeine would be examples of those. (Just ones I've tried so far.) However you don't want to use these too often either, because they are pain killers and two you definitely do not want to go into a rebound cycle.
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Guilty of typing while migraining....I think what I meant by alternating was that if I have a migraine Sunday I will take the triptan, get one on Wed I use the Midrin. Next one gets the triptan again. I had a doc tell this to me once and have continued that pattern. but yes, I realize the 24hrs between rule and I do limit to 2-3 days per week. I have the generic midrin by the way. But thanks for the comments Teri.

I tried Migranal about three years ago without success. Is it ever worth retrying a medication?

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I used to rotate triptans, because they would stop being very effective after about a month. However my migraine specialist put an end to that, we tried sumavel (imitrex injections), which only partially relieved the headaches even with more than one dose. So now I have DHE, I've only tried it once (migranal, although I have the injection form as well) and it aborted my migraine more fully than anything else had in years, so I'm optimistic about it.
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