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Can migraine symptoms last over 2 months?
Hi all!

I'm 30 years old and have suffered from migraine with aura since i was about 11. On Boxing day 2012, after going to the gym for about 40 minutes, my right cheek started to go numb, along with pins and needles in my right hand and leg, very similar to that of a migraine.

It's now mid february and my symptoms are still happening; pins and needles in my right cheek mainly, not so much in my arms and legs any more but my GP is convinced it's a vascular problem and the symptoms sound migrainous, is this ringing any bells (alarm or otherwise) with anyone else? I get married in 6 weeks time and would really like to be symptom free by then!

Helen Razzer
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Hi Helen!

-:¦:-•:*'""*:•.-:¦:-•*Hello!*•-:¦:-•:*'''''*:•-:¦:-•*Welcome to the family!*•-:¦:- •:*'""*:•.-:¦:-

Hello and welcome to our forum family! Our goal is to provide everyone with the information and support that we all need to manage our Migraines and/or headaches. To that end, we consider this a “safe harbor,” where nobody tries to sell us anything, and we all use “family-friendly” language so parents are comfortable letting their children read the forum with them.

Please take a few minutes to review our policies and guidelines along with the other information in the START HERE folder. For information about Migraines, a good article to begin with is Learning About Migraines - Where to Start.

Glad you found our forum! We have lots of terrific info and support here. Hope you find this place as helpful as I do!

Unfortunately, it is possible for migraine symptoms to last quite a while. I know this because I have chronic migraine with aura. My case involves continuous migraine pain and aura--for several years. I have numbness and tingling in my hands, arms, and feet. For me, though, the symptoms move around and shift a bit from day to day. As Forrest Gump said, it's like a box of chocolates--you never know what you're going to get! Wink Sometimes, the pain and aura are severe, sometimes a bit less. The numbness and tingling can be that way, too. One of my favorite articles about migraine symptoms like these is Anatomy of a Migraine.

Have you consulted with a neurologist or headache specialist? It may be time to do that. A person with specialized training might be more qualified to diagnose you properly, as a general practitioner simply does not have the amount of training that a specialist has. A proper diagnosis is critical to proper patient care!

I'm sure others will be along to share their experiences, too. Keep us posted!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! Smiler

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Like Jenny said, migraine symptoms can last for a while. It's not overly common for them to go on for two straight months, but it is possible to get stuck in migraine cycles. Extended aura patterns are very rare, though. My extended aura attacks usually involve the aura sticking around through the entire migraine event, either resolving with the end of the migraine or a bit past. I've never been in status, which is a migraine lasting over 72 hours. I imagine that if you have extended aura that lasts through the migraine, and you end up in status migrainous going on two months, it's also possible for the aura to hang in there for that whole ride. That sounds logical.

It's also possible you have two different things going on. You could have migraine, along with some other vascular or neurological problem, and they could be feeding off each other and perpetuating the cycle.

I think the best thing would be to get a firm diagnosis or diagnoses, and if it is migraine (and at this point status), getting the migraine broken is imperative.

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Hi guys and thanks so much for your responses! I've made the decision to see a private neurologist, waiting on the NHS was going to take months, and privately (although it's costing a lot) i can be seen on Monday.

I'm still having pins and needles in my right cheek, and the sensation that my hair is being pulled from my temples and and scalp, which is a sensation i can't seem to just 'sleep off' i've done some research that says that type of headache is vascular/neurological rather than coming directly from the brain which is comforting!

I also find that my symptoms disappear whilst exercising but come back slightly stronger as soon as i've stopped. Anyone know what that might mean? I will discuss fully with my neuroligist on monday of course but it's always nice hearing from people who's been through the same thing!

I'll keep you all updated!

Helen x
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