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monopotassium glutamate
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OK, I know all about MSG, though not sure if it's a trigger for me. Haven't ever defined any specific single food triggers myself. Can't rule out stackable ones but that's another problem.

So I was buying some Lawry's seasoning and noticed they had a new lower sodium one. It didn't say "no MSG" like the original one, but when I investigated, it lists monopotassium glutamate as an ingredient. Anyone know much about it?

A very quick google search found a great chart that lists tons of food items with free glatamic acid (MSG) (they say they are the same?) in 3 differnt categories - foods always, usually, and maybe with this item- (google truth in labeling for the website if anyone wants to investigate further (didn't know if I could say that) but it was informational and seemed pretty "scientific", not slanderous and it's an org, not com - just used generic food items, not brand names.

It seems MPG is the pretty much the same as MSG????? except for using potassium vs. sodium. I know that the salt substitutes used to use that. Don't even know if they still make it. My MIL uses a "low sodium salt" by Morton. I thought it was funny. how can salt be low salt???? Must have had some filler? We don't even have salt on our table at dinner so it's never been an issue for us.

So since I'm trying to cut down my families salt intake even more after my little kidney scare this summer and my increased labs, I've usually been buying "low salt" items when possible. But honestly, this is the first time I really read a label (really, those wacky chemical names mean nothing to me (LOL - THAT should be the first warning we shouldn't eat those foods I guess!!!) and we usually eat pretty healthy otherwise, not too much from the "inner" aisles when I'm up to it. We're not perfect by any means, but just have decent diet.) I mostly season with garlic, white pepper (so my son doesn't see it Smiler ) and italian -type spices. But Lawry's is my standby for good salt-flavoring when needed.

Like I said, I don't know that I have a reaction to MSG, but why risk it. I still try to avoid it. Don't need to add it if it's a stackable trigger. Save my steady diet of cheese, diet coke and add in wine and chocolate for good measure! yum to those occassional treats! And if the chart I found is true, we get "free glutamic acid" with half the other food we eat on a daily basis anyways. But I guess I should read labels better than just grab stuff off the shelf. Should anyways, but who has time or wants to live in fear of all those chemicals? Sigh.....
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Okay. One thing I just found after quick searching is that monopotassium glutamte is a substitute for monosodium glutamate. Two others, though, say that if you have monopotassium glutamate, then you also have monosodium glutamate, too, since monosodium glutamate is contained in monopotassium glutamate. How that means the one can be a substitute, if it has the thing you're substituting for, I'll never know.

I'd suppose if you were sensitive to MSG, and if there is by default MSG in monopotassium glutamate, then you'd probably be fairly likely to be sensitive to monopotassium glutamate, too. But that's just logical guessing on my part.

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