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Heat making you sick?
I've been wondering...

Does heat make you ladies sick? With the very cold weather my husband has been making more use of our heater. The problem is every time the darn thing goes on I get sick. I can be freezing but my face will be burning up. I get nauseas when the heat goes on then I get a heavy feeling in my head. It happens with space heaters, house heaters, even the car heater. I was in the store the other day and had to take off my jacket because I was so hot and getting nauseas. I'm just intolerable of heat these days.

It's to the point where I sleep in the living room because it's the coldest room in the house. My body will be cold but my face will be hot. I use a very light weight blanket and sleep in shorts and a tank top. I'm pretty small, only 24 and I don't get cold easily anymore. I used to, but now I have to be cold in order to not feel sick. Heat makes me nauseas. This is getting ridiculous.

I can be sitting in the living room and all of a sudden get a migraine from the small space heater in the bedroom when I don't even know it's on. I'm that sensitive!

It has been about 20-30 degrees here and I will open the window and STILL be hot.

Has this happened to any of you? It seems like my body can be warm but my face has to be cold or I get nauseas.

I'm not ill. I feel fine other than this. No fever, no cough...nothing
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Heat and sun are migraine triggers for me. Nausea is rare for me, whether or not I have a migraine. The heat, however, must be more than you would generally find indoors in the winter, or in the summer with air conditioning. I keep my home air conditioning at 80 degrees, and find any other use of air conditioning too cold. I still prefer to be relatively warm, especially at night. If I get heated over 80 degrees, however, a migraine will trigger fairly quickly.
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I'm so sorry to hear that the heat is a migraine trigger for you. Heat does trigger migraines for me as well, but I don't get nauseous and I'm so sorry to hear you do. I'm lucky in that my DH likes the house the same temp as I do, but I have driven with him and/or the kids in the car before and can't stand when they turn the car heat on, especially if I'm in the front seat. I could put up with being "overheated," but can't tolerate the fact it triggers a migraine.

If I've ever been too hot in a particular room in the house, sometimes I use a cold pack on my head to cool me down. I know that isn't always practical, though.
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Heat or overheating is one of my MAIN triggers. And living in Louisiana and enjoying softball, it's had a major impact on my life!!! I no longer can throw the softball around outside unless its winter, and even then I have to be cautious about my body temp! And the funny thing is, I don't even have to break a sweat before I feel the pressure in my head and start seeing black wavy lines! And I'm lucky that my boyfriend loves the cold!!!
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Hi, whimsywhit, and welcome to the forum! Smiler If you haven't gotten a chance, please pop by our Start Here Folder and check out the info on navigating the site and where to find things.

If you love the cold, then I've got a deal for you. If you can figure out how to bottle it up and transport it, we Montanans would love to give away some of our brisk winter air. We'll even throw in some snow. We'll happily trade you for some warmer stuff. At least this one will. Big Grin

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not sure if this link is goign to work but this article is pretty intersting...

"Hot air linked to headaches, but how?"

K Cass.
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Hi there!

Yep, heat combined with humidity is a huge trigger for me. Most days in St. Louis are hard on me during the summer and early fall.

I tend to get night sweats anymore and I am very sensitive to overheating in general. Nausea doesn't bother me too much with a migraine but the summertime heat really upsets my belly anyway.

I tend to stay in the AC whenever possible.

If you're sweating at night or even with the windows open I'd talk to the doctor about it. There might be a condition that contributes to your heat/migraine sensitivity that might be able to be roped under control. Part of my sensitivity to heat is hormonally-related. I can't really do much for it right now but my docs are monitoring it.

My disabling chronic illness is more real than your imaginary medical expertise.
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