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Chronic Pain

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dismissed from pain center
Hello, I was discharged from pain management recently for getting a rx too early. I'm currently not taking anything for chronic prostate associated pain in testicles. I taking 4000mg of tylenol and up to 1200 mg of ibuprofen. Can i get accepted at another local pain clinic? what happens to my records at the pain clinic i was at? what can i do? i'm in way toomuch pain to keep going on.
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I laying here it's 5:30am and 30 minutes i take my medication. I wonder how you it is you took all your medication early. My Pain Management doctors have giving me my scrips early have been in pharmacy a few days early, i mean before 30 days. Thought I'd save a trip back insurance co. said no. They have never reported me to doctors.
I started to day go back but I guess you can not do that. I don't know how many pain management clinics they have in your community, If you find a new one be honest up front they will get you records. You'll be kick out again.
I left one in my town because i found who had more expertise in my injury. My family doc told
me I'd better stop shopping around I'd run out and be screwed. I feel for you I was there when work comp kick me off, no pain meds nothing. Thank God for family doc. I'll say a Prayer
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Hi inlotsofpain,
I feel for you also. I guess the only thing that you can do is to explain why you were trying to fill you pain meds earlier than you were supposed to.
I am sort of confused as to why your pain management docs would have even written a script too early.
If the case is that you needed to take more medicine than the script wrote for, you need to go back to the docs and explain that you aren't receiving enough relief with what they have written for.
I do feel for you, as the DEA and the government has really cracked down on pain medicine.
I will say a prayer for you.
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I'm sorry for what happened to you. I'm not sure I understand about taking/or refilling your prescriptions too early. Do you mean that you ran out of meds too early? If so that is unfortunate. I've never run out of meds too early but if I hadn't an understanding pain doctor who increased my meds when my pain increased, I could have ended up in the same situation.

I have a degree in Health Information Management/Medical Record Administration. The law says that you are entitled to a copy of your medical record. Many offices will tell you that they will only send a copy of your records to another physician but if you tell them you know the law and your rights, they will probably make a copy of the records for you and not charge a fee.

I had trouble with a physician once because he threatened to discharge me from care because he wanted me to do couple's counseling with my husband included and we couldn't afford it so he told me he had to discharge me from care.

They were willing to send my records to another physician, they will do usually do that if you ask them to. I didn't have a doctor yet.

I went to another pain management doctor with records that I had from other physicians offices and told him that I left the care of the other physician due to insurance problems.

I had enough other records that he didn't seem to be concerned about the records from the doctor I had just seen.

I agree in principal that you should always be honest with your next doctor about what happened with your other doctor but you need to realize that doctors are very skittish about taking patients who have had any problems with a prior physician.

This is because of new governmental regulations and the past practice of DEA raiding a small number of doctor's offices. They only ended up taking a few doctors to court but it was enough to scare many doctors.

I am not trying to spread tales. If you want to know more about it then you can find information by googling it.

Also, the FDA is coming out with stricter guidelines for prescribing narcotics.

What I would do in your situation (this is only my personal opinion) is sign a release and request that your former doctor's office give copies of records to you personally.

Then I would go through the records and see actually what the doctor has written. Often times, if the doctor knows that your records are going to you, they will leave out any "controversial" matters that occurred because they are worried about liability issues.

If this happens then you will not need to discuss the matter with the other doctor and you can tell the new doctor it was your decision to leave the doctor's care because of miscommunication with the office staff or something like that.

Even if there is something about the incident in the records, you will be better prepared to discuss it with the doctor.

If possible, it is better to bring the records with you so that you are there to discuss the incident with the doctor.

I wish you the best of luck.
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I had to find a pain management doc after my family doctor refused to perscribe for me. He said he would continue perscribing if I went regularly to a PT. One week the Pt was sick and unable to come in, the doc said since I missed a week of PT not to bother going back to him.Unless the doc has credentials to back up the scrips, they are very weary. I understand you getting and filling scrips early. Since I live in a small town my doc only comes up once a month and he gives me the scrips then, even though they are not due yet. I have been in cases were I have had a very bad month, such as falling and hurting myself badly. On those bad months I do end up having to use more meds and running out early. Thankfully when I explain this to my doctor he takes it into account and resets my due date to an earlier date. Thankfully in the three years I have seen him this has only happened three times. I am completly honest with my doc and he trusts me. Having a good relationship and mutual trust with your doc is a must. I dont think many other docs would do what he did. And I will never abuse that trust.
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