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Chronic Pain

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Spinal Stimulator
Hi Everyone,

I have RSD/CRPS, am allergic to almost all meds and have already had an Intrathecal pump placed and removed. I was never able to get enough medication to help the pain before I became ill!

My physician is pressing me to have a Stimulator as he says I'm "a perfect candidate".

I had a "trial" for this 3 years ago and couldn't stand the "shocks" the thing gives.
I already get severe tingling and shock feeling so don't want any more.

The majority of my pain(probably 70%) comes from muscle spasm; with 25% from numbness/burning, which always occur together, and always when I sit or lye down.

I need to know if the Stimulator will help with the muscle spasm? I don't think it will.

Any thoughts out there, would welcome some input.


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I am so sorry to hear that you are not getting any relief from pain medications. I am struggling as well with the pain meds that I take. Mine have reached their effectiveness and no longer work as well as they used to. I have had two laminectomies and a spinal fusion for L4-L5, with DDD. I am in constant pain.The meds only take the edge off. About 3 years ago, I did do a stimulator trial but never had the implant because the trial was not successful. It kept going on and off at will. Also, I was not feeling the tingling as I was supposed to, where I was supposed to. I think that the stimulator chord was not placed in my back correctly. Now that my meds are not working and my doctor is not willing to increase the dosage, I may revisit the stimulator. I am not with the same doctor now who put the stimulator in. Something must change for me. As far as your muscle spasms are concerned, I have never heard of a stimulator helping with that. I take ropineral at night (requip) for restless leg syndrome. My muscles in my legs spasm if I don't. I didn't think you mentioned where your spasms were. I also take topamax for nerve pain and migraine prevention. The topamax helps me with my muscles too. I hope that this information helps you in some way. Good luck!!!

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Believe it or not, I have a spinal cord stimulator for RSD in my right hand, and it works very well for me.
HOWEVER, i'M Still on morphine and a muscle relaxant med. Together they decrease my pain by about 80-85%.

Now, the surgeon i used was top notch, cream of the crop, elite, <insert praise here>. So, he implanted the lead onto my spinal cord at C7 area during an 8.5 hr surgery, and it worked. This was after I had other surgeries and trials and stuff though.
IF done right, these things work wonderfully for most people IMHO.
I hope that you find something to help you!
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I had my SCS installed back in June of 08, and it works great for my nerve pain,NOT my muscle spasms, for that I take Zanaflex. The spinal cord stimulator will work for anything that is nerve related, but it will not work for mechanical pain or muscle issues. That is what my NS and PM Doc's told me, and so far, they have been right.

I am a survivor of 5 spinal surgeries. 1 360/3level L2 through L5 fusion. 5 Laminectomies. I had a spinal cord stimulator installed in June of 08 that has helped me with my nerve pain, but I am in mechanical pain 24/7-365! I just had a cervical fusion on 3/10/10 and I am doing wonderfully from that one!
I have a wonderful PM Doc and I used to be a social worker.... I am now on social security disability and living my days in pain....
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I suffer from Reflex Sympathetic Distrophy, Fibromyalgia, arthritis on the neck, lower back pain, migraines, and depression. I have been on almost all pain medications since 2000. In late 2000 I had a trial scs implant and did not work. My misery increased 100 fold. After two months or less, it was removed. I have heard that the new scs work better, how long have you had yours? Would you recommend a scs to anyone? How long have you been in pain? What pain meds. are you on?
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SCS technology has changed significantly in the last several years. The leads, battery technology and the programability of the device has improved greatly. You may want to reconsider another "trial" to see if the new technology could provide you with some improvement in your symptoms. Keep in mind the reversibility of the trial, which usually lasts between 3-10 days. I think something to keep in mind is that SCS is a therapy that is another "tool" to use to help control neuropathic pain and hopefully improve one's quality of life. It infrequently is a stand alone treatment for someone with chronic pain.
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