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Chronic Pain

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dose of pain meds need to show up in gcms urine testing???
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Long story short. I have been on 10/325 of percocet and 75 of fentanyl for 3 1/2 years due to car accident years ago. No problems untill I had to switch drs a year ago due to dr leaving practice. One visit my dr sent in her asst. who told me the urine test I had taken for the last 3 months have all been negative. would not refill pills untill results of the one I had just taken came back. I was shocked, to say the least. I ALWAYS take my meds. Perc's are 3x day AS NEEDED, so sometimes, if my pain is under control I may only take one or two, rarely but sometimes on the days I put a new patch on. Spent hours on internet finding out what the problem was, took in pile of info that says regular urine testing will not find synthetic opioids, should use gcms testing. Next day dr's office called, and said to pick up script, dr called other dr's, and I was right, she had no idea. I was so relieved, as I was starting to feel withdraw symptoms, and It was the most humiliating moment of my life. Now, 3 months later at appt, here comes asst. again, we are doing gcms test today. I said fine. after taking test, I told him he need to write no threshold testing on sample, and document in my file my last dose time and amount. He refused. said I would be fine, did not want to take the time to mess with it. I finally found nurse and she wrote it on my sample for me, but he would not document dose in file. (he's a real jerk, he is the type that get's off on finding people doing something wrong!) I always bring meds to appt, but dr does not show interest in seeing them or knowing about my dosing or anything. She is only worried about people doing the wrong thing, and I feel very uncomfortable, as If she is already assuming the worst of you. She said from the start she does not like prescribing these meds, and will not increase doses. Not very personable, but I have no insurance right now, and I have to pay cash for meds and visits, which is not cheap, so a new dr is almost impossible to find. Anyway, I am worried as I took 2 pills on tues, and one on wed at 6pm, took urine test at about 2:30 on thurday. I'm not sure how much dose needs to be taken to show up positive even though this is supposed to be a more sensitive test. I know the detection time for these is only 1-3 days max, and it depends on other factors, which my dr does not take into account such as patients matabolism, tolerance, asorbtion rate, stress level, hydration, last dose time and amount, etc...I am afraid my dose that I took will not be enough to show positive result. And since asst. refused to record last dose in file, I do not want to look like I am trying to backtrack if it is negative. I do not want to go through that again, as it was the most embarassing moment of my life because I knew I had done nothing wrong. Unfourtantly, my dr and asst are not very educated in the meds they dispense, but It should not be my job to defend myself because they are not educated. If anyone has had any expericence with gcms testing, or know if my dosing would be enough for postive result, your opinions would be appreciated, so I can sleep at night. My husband says I worry to much, but it is my reputation, and my pain thrapy on the line. I do not want to have to worry about withdrawing from meds I "supposedly am not taking" due to dr ignorance. I always believed if I did the right thing and was honest, I would be fine. I don't believe that anymore, due to faulty technology and dr's that think only they are right. please, any info would be great. Thanks!!!
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